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Doilies are meant to embellish and to decorate cakes, and represent confectioners' business card. That is why Cherubini Bruno s.r.l. provides its customers with a wide range of choices, thanks to three different lace varieties, as well as various types of paper, printing and personalisation. Those who aim at exclusiveness will appreciate the POINTED series, refined and better fit for printing and personalisation. In addition, the ROUNDED and the MILANO series, by matching quality and low costs, also guarantee an excellent presentation of the product.


Fluted paper cases were originally designed to keep hands clean, but pirottini have become a unique source of advertising. Therefore Cherubini Bruno s.r.l. only uses high quality materials, directly imported from Sweden, in their production; moreover, specialised graphic designers develop and create the best personalised items yet available.


In order to provide all necessary items and to satisfy customers' expectations, our firm is able to offer all paper items used for packages:
tray covers
ice-cream mats
embossed lace
serviettes, etc.

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